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Understanding the ‘Our Father’ – Dr. Scott Hahn

February 28, 2018 No Comments

In this lecture from our 2009 Deep in History conference, Dr. Scott Hahn examines the seven petitions of the Lord’s Prayer, and takes a look at why this prayer is placed in the liturgy of the Mass after the consecration, and before the distribution of Holy Communion.  He looks at the context in which Jesus teaches the prayer during the Sermon on the Mount, the significance of referring to God as “Father,” and more.  Dr. Hahn argues that the ‘Our Father’ is a prayer that we pray much, but ponder little; and argues that a better understanding of these words, which come directly from the lips of Jesus, can lead us to a deeper appreciation for our relationship with God.

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Study Questions:

-Why is the Our Father the perfect prayer? What does “order” have to do with its perfection?

-What insight(s) does Dr. Hahn give you into fatherhood, especially in regards to the heavenly

-What is the significance of the laws of God’s kingdom, according to Dr. Hahn? Did his
explanation of God’s laws have an impact on you? If so, how?

-How does lack of trust in God effect our lives and our souls?

-The Our Father is probably the best known prayer in the world. Were there any surprising points,
which Dr. Hahn made, that made you re-think this prayer?