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The Holy Spirit as Living Tradition – Dr. Scott Hahn

August 30, 2018 No Comments

In a talk from our 2011 Deep in History conference, noted author and scholar Dr. Scott Hahn examines the proper role of tradition in the life of the Church. He looks at the misconceptions some Christians have about the Catholic understanding of tradition, and argues that if the Holy Spirit has been at work in every age of the Church, then knowing that legacy of providence is crucial to understanding how God works in His people today.

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Study Questions:

What isn’t Tradition, according to Dr. Hahn?

How does G.K. Chesterton describe Tradition? How does Professor Maurice Halbwachs distinguish history and tradition? How do these descriptions help you more deeply understand tradition? 

Joseph Ratzinger says that Scripture and Tradition are the result of Revelation (influencing the Vatican II document Dei Verbum). How does this put the debate regarding sola scriptura (Scripture alone) into perspective?

Why does “living Tradition,” as Dr. Hahn describes it, differ from cultural or historical traditions? 

What is the relationship between Apostolic Succession and Tradition?

Why, according to Dr. Hahn, do “Catholics believe what we believe?” How does the Bible lead one into the heart of the Church?