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The Southeastern Missions – Paul Thigpen

April 12, 2017 No Comments

In this lecture from the 2007 Deep in History conference, Paul Thigpen looks at the history of the Catholic Church’s missionary activity in what would become the Southeast United States, beginning with the first Christian settlement in St. Augustine, Florida.

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Study Questions:

-Did you learn about the Southeastern settlements and missionaries in school? How does Dr. Thigpen’s account differ from what you may have been taught? What legacy did those missionaries leave?

-What hardships did these first missionaries endure to evangelize the Americas? According to Dr. Thigpen, what was the largest obstacle to the conversion of native peoples?

-What were some of the spiritual fruits of the missions, as described by Dr. Thigpen?

-What led to the demise of the Catholic missionaries?


The Georgia Martyrs: Five Franciscan friars, now the Servants of God Pedro de Corpa and Companions, died
in September 1597 when a baptized Guale Indian led a rebellion against them for insisting that Christians have only one wife.