2004 Conference - The Early ChurchDeep in History

Scripture and the Early Church – Fr. Mitch Pacwa

January 15, 2015 5 Comments

As a scholar of ancient and Middle Eastern history, culture, and religion, Fr. Mitch Pacwa examines the phenomenon of Sacred Scripture and the ramifications of the translation and interpretation of the scriptures out of their proper context.

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Study Questions:

-What ramifications did the translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into other languages have?

-What does Fr. Pacwa say about the Books of Sirach and Wisdom?

-What lesson can Christians learn from the way Jews confronted the Greek world? In contrast, what was the view of
the Pharisees?

-Have you ever been told that Jesus fought against “religion” or “the law”? Does Fr. Pacwa’s description of the Pharisees shed light on this assumption?

-What was the main principle that the early Christians valued for interpreting Scripture? What are your goals for reading the Bible? Do your goals affect how you interpret Scripture?

-What was a turning point the early Church, according to Fr. Pacwa? How must the Old Testament be interpreted by


Exegesis: Critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially of the Bible.

Gnostic: A member of certain sects among the early Christians who claimed to have superior knowledge of spiritual
matters, and explained the world as created by powers or agencies arising as emanations from the Godhead; Salvation by knowledge.