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The Reformation’s Effect on the Family – Kimberly Hahn

October 26, 2017 2 Comments

Popular Catholic author and speaker Kimberly Hahn takes a look at the effects of the Reformation on the understanding of vocation in Western Christianity- especially its impact on the understanding of marriage and celibacy. Hahn also looks at how the individualism and relativism that accompanied the Reformation’s fallout has led to a gradual and ongoing erosion of the traditional family.


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Study questions:

-Why did God create man in His image? How is “be fruitful and multiply” a way to express the image of God? 

-Kimberly reads from a Catholic wedding prayer, which reflects on the blessing of Genesis 1 & 9. Share your thoughts about this prayer in light of Jesus’ words on marriage in Matthew 19:3-9. 

-What part does the child play in the indissolubility of marriage? 

-God reveals Himself as husband in Song of Songs. How does each marriage witness to the relationship between Christ and the Church? 

-Are annulments “divorce, Catholic style”? What are the criteria for annulment? 

-What were some of the ways in which Martin Luther viewed marriage? 

-What are the similarities between Moses permitting a Bill of Divorce and the Protestant Reformation?

-How can Catholics help others understand the reality of God’s plan for Marriage and human sexuality, according to Kimberly?

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