Former Presbyterian pastor Marcus Grodi delves deep into Old Testament Judaism and the fulfillment of Salvation in Christ Jesus to answer the question “How are we saved?”

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Study Questions:

-The question ‘how are we saved?’ had an immense impact on Grodi’s life: How do you know what you now believe is eternally true? Have you considered this question? Has it had an impact on your faith journey?

-Consider the following verses in light of Grodi’s talk. What do you think Paul meant by “the obedience of faith”?

“…we have received grace and apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith …” Romans 1:5

“Now to Him who is able to strengthen you according to my gospel … according to the revelation of the mystery … to
bring about the obedience of faith …” Romans 16:25-27

(For further reading or discussion, see: Romans 2:6-8, Romans
4:1-25, Romans 5:18, Romans 8:14-17, James 2:14-26)

-How were people saved in the Old Testament? What did Jesus teach about the Law?

-How are we saved in Christ according to the New Testament and the Church?


Talmud: A central text of Judaism, which is divided into two parts: Judaism’s Oral Law and the accepted interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures.