2007 Conference – The Faith in the New WorldDeep in History

Lord Baltimore – Fr. Charles Connor

February 22, 2017 No Comments

Who exactly was Lord Baltimore?  Cities, railroads, and even the first diocese in the United States bear the name, but few know about the man himself.  In fact, there were multiple Lords Baltimore, and Fr. Charles Connor looks at the history and legacy of one of the forgotten founders of the United States, beginning with the conversion to Catholicism of the first Lord Baltimore, George Calvert.

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Study Questions:

-America was largely built by those fleeing religious persecution and/or desiring religious freedom. How did Catholic persecution both in Europe and in the American colonies lead to the spread of Catholicism in America? 

-Reflect on Lord Baltimore’s prayers during the voyage to Maryland. 

-What was the effect of the (Catholic) Tolerance Act?

-What kind of characteristics did Catholic life in Maryland take on?