2006 Conference - The English ReformationDeep in History

The English Counter-Reformation – Fr. Charles Connor

September 15, 2016 One Comment

Many are familiar with the Catholic Counter-Reformation that took place on the European continent in response to Martin Luther and other reformers.  Less well known is what the Counter-Reformation looked like in England as a response to the schism led by King Henry VIII.  Fr. Charles Connor explores the relationship between Catholics and Anglicans in England in the decades following the split between the Church of England and the Church of Rome.

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Study Questions:

-As the reign of Elizabeth I began, to what extent had Catholicism survived in England after
Henry VIII and his initial break with Rome?

-Where did the Counter Reformation begin? How did this Counter Reformation reach the English isle?

-Fr. Connor’s account of the martyrdom of English Catholics was graphic. What impression, if
any, did it have on you?

-How did the Jesuits effect the survival of Catholicism in England? Who was St. Edmund Campion and what were his contributions to Catholicism in England?