2011 Conference - Stand Firm on TraditionDeep in History

Dei Verbum and the Experience of the Church – Msgr. Frank Lane

September 13, 2018 No Comments

In a talk from our 2011 Deep in History conference, Msgr. Frank Lane unpacks the Second Vatican Council’s Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, popularly known as Dei Verbum. Msgr. Lane looks at what this document has to say about the Church’s historic understanding of Sacred Scripture through the centuries, and what that means for how Catholics should read and meditate upon the Bible today.

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Study Questions:

-What did Cardinal Ratzinger, the future Pope Benedict XVI, say about the role of community and tradition in interpreting the Scriptures?

-What does Msgr. Lane say are the dangers of an individualistic approach to interpreting the Bible?

-Why are Christians not “people of the book,” but “people of the word?”

-How does Dei Verbum talk about the interrelatedness of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition?

-Why does Msgr. Lane refer to submission to apostolic authority as a form of spiritual liberation?

-What does the Jewish tradition teach us about the role of history and tradition in understanding the revelation of God?