2006 Conference - The English ReformationDeep in History

The Aftermath – Joanna Bogle

October 20, 2016 No Comments

What happened in England after Henry VIII declared himself to be the head of the Church there, declaring a schism with Rome?  What effect did that have on Catholics loyal to the Papacy still living in England?  What happened to priests, monks, and nuns, whose way of life became instantly illegal?  What would this new Church of England look like?  The always delightful Joanna Bogle of EWTN looks at one of the most chaotic periods of English history, and the role religion played in it.

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Study Guide:

-“Remember, remember, the fifth of November.” Who was Guy Fawkes and why is he important to understanding the longstanding effect of the English Reformation?

-What Reformation myths does Joanna Bogle debunk? Had you ever heard these myths?

-What does Bogle have to say about Puritanism and its effect on Christianity, in general?

-How were Catholics finally given a little bit of freedom in England?

-How is a “Catholic Revival” occurring now in England? What does Bogle believe this shows?

-Bogle comments about America. How does she put our nation’s faith into perspective?