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Catholic Life in the Colonies – Helen Hull Hitchcock

March 15, 2017 No Comments

In this lecture from the 2007 Deep in History Conference, the late Helen Hull Hitchcock, a leading voice on liturgy and women in the Church, presents a picture of what Catholic life looked like in the colonial days of what would become the United States.  Tackling questions of religious liberty, liturgical life, and the politics of the day, Helen gives key insights into the way the earliest Catholics to reach the New World established themselves in what was often a hostile environment.

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Study Guide:

-How did religious persecution continue in the American colonies?

-Hitchcock claims that no one was really “free” to be a Catholic in the American colonies. What do you think she means by that?

-What part did personal devotions play in the faith of Catholics in the American colonies?

-What can we learn from the treatment and life of Catholics in colonial America?

-What were a few of John Carroll’s legacies?