Are you a Christian living in continuity or discontinuity? In this next video in our Deep in History talk series, former Presbyterian pastor Dr. Kenneth Howell discusses the importance of and strategy for learning and living deep in the history of Christianity.

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Study Questions:

-How do we become “deep in history”?

-Discuss Dr. Howell’s question: “When I try to serve my Lord, Jesus Christ, do I serve Him
according to my conception of what is right and wrong, or do I consciously try to connect myself
with the great saints of all the ages and the way that the Church has dealt with things?”

-Consider Fr. Romano Guardini’s quote: “I’ve come to realize so clearly these days that there are
two ways of knowing. The one sinks into a thing and its context; the aim is to penetrate, to move
within, to live with. The other, however, unpacks, tears apart, arranges into compartments, and
takes over and rules.” Do we use Christian history to analyze, dissect, and dismiss the past, or do
we use the history of the Church to enter into the mysteries of salvation as lived by Christians?

-What significance does “to be deep in history is to be deep in prayer” have?

-Dr. Howell suggests that we pay attention to and pray the words of the Mass. Are there particular
words during the Mass which move you?

-In Dr. Howell’s opinion, what is the only reason to become Catholic? Have you ever entertained
this thought?

-Dr. Howell was asked how one would know whether or not a secular history book gives an
accurate account of Catholic history. What does Dr. Howell advise?