2006 Conference - The English ReformationDeep in History

The Attempted Return: Mary Tudor – Joanna Bogle

February 8, 2017 No Comments

Joanna’s husband, Jamie, had to cancel his 2006 Deep in History lecture because he was at a wedding for a Royal Family member, who had to renounce his claim to the British throne because he had become a Catholic.  The roots of why a Catholic could not be a British monarch go all the way back to the English Reformation, and “Bloody Mary” Tudor’s part in that period of history are the topic of Joanna’s talk.  Enjoy her wit, humor and insight!

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Study Guide:

-What part do historians play in portraying an historical figure? Why must we keep the historian’s role in mind when searching for the truth?

-What caused the descent in Parliament to the repeal of the Act of Supremacy?

-Was it the Catholic Church that burned heretics at the stake or was it the English government? Why is this distinction important?


Wyatt’s Rebellion: Caused by the fear of England becoming re-Catholicised combined with the proposed marriage between Queen Mary and Philip of Spain. Led by nobles, the movement did not have the support of the people and was thus doomed to failure.

Guy Fawkes: Born in England in 1570, Fawks left England and fought on the side of Spanish Catholics in various conflicts. Returning to England, he was a member of a group of provincial English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of  1605, which attempted to blow up Parliament.