Deep in Christ

The Brothers Grodi & Continual Conversion – Episode 26

June 17, 2021 No Comments

As a way of previewing the next “season” of Deep in Christ, brothers JonMarc & Fr. Peter Grodi take some time to reflect on their spiritual journeys and the nature of our walk with Christ as a journey of continual conversion.

They look back on their own family’s story of continual conversion, including their memories of what it was like to be small children when their father, Marcus Grodi, left his role as a Presbyterian pastor to enter the Catholic Church.

As JonMarc and Fr. Peter discuss, the Christian journey is “continual” on many levels: our individual need for ever greater personal surrender, growth, and transformation; our journey of receiving and passing on faith in the context of family and community, and finally, our faith as a Church, wounded by sin, weakened and ever in need of renewal, but still, mysteriously the holy “bride of Christ” that we must not abandon.

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