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Praying When Prayer is Hard – Deep in Christ Episode 5

November 12, 2020 No Comments

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In the midst of the continuing pandemic, as a tumultuous election plays out, and as the Church herself continues to experience controversy and division, we are probably all facing a familiar Christian dilemma: how do I pray when it is difficult? We believe that no matter what is going on, God remains in control, and prayer is the first and best recourse, but how do I sit still when I am anxious? How do I focus when my mind is chaotic?

On this first of many discussions on prayer, JonMarc Grodi is joined by Brother Rex Anthony Norris, a diocesan hermit from Maine and member of the CHNetwork team, to explore what prayer is and how we can prioritize it in day-to-day life, especially when we are, like Martha, “anxious and troubled about many things.”