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Aspects of Life in Christ – Deep in Christ Episode 2

October 22, 2020 No Comments

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Building upon last episode’s discussion of The Universal Call to Holiness and the theme of this show as it fits into the mission of the Coming Home Network, JonMarc Grodi and Ken Hensley look today at a passage in the introduction to Part 3 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which lists eight catecheses on “Life in Christ” which Christians must receive and put into practice. JonMarc and Ken begin to plot a course for the future topics that will be covered on this show, as well as their practical application.
Catechism, Part 3, Life in Christ, Introduction ( Catechesis has to reveal in all clarity the joy and the demands of the way of Christ.22 Catechesis for the “newness of life”23 in him should be:
  • a catechesis of the Holy Spirit, the interior Master of life according to Christ, a gentle guest and friend who inspires, guides, corrects, and strengthens this life;
  • a catechesis of grace, for it is by grace that we are saved and again it is by grace that our works can bear fruit for eternal life;
  • a catechesis of the beatitudes, for the way of Christ is summed up in the beatitudes, the only path that leads to the eternal beatitude for which the human heart longs;
  • a catechesis of sin and forgiveness, for unless man acknowledges that he is a sinner he cannot know the truth about himself, which is a condition for acting justly; and without the offer of forgiveness he would not be able to bear this truth;
  • a catechesis of the human virtues which causes one to grasp the beauty and attraction of right dispositions towards goodness;
  • a catechesis of the Christian virtues of faith, hope, and charity, generously inspired by the example of the saints; — a catechesis of the twofold commandment of charity set forth in the Decalogue;
  • an ecclesial catechesis, for it is through the manifold exchanges of “spiritual goods” in the “communion of saints” that Christian life can grow, develop, and be communicated.