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The Coming Home Network was established to help non-Catholic Christians, clergy and laity, discover the truth and beauty of Catholicism and to make the journey home to full communion with the Catholic Church.

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Join a network of Christians, clergy and laity, who have come home to full communion with the Catholic Church.

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Explore our conversion testimonies as well as articles, videos, and other resources that will help you discover and live out the fullness of the Christian life.

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Find fellowship and support from others who have made the journey home to the Catholic Church.

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If you are a pastor or minister in a Protestant or other non-Catholic tradition, The Coming Home Network exists to support you in the unique struggles and hurdles you may be facing as you consider becoming Catholic.

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Latest Stories and Resources

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Marcus Grodi

A former Presbyterian minister who joined the Catholic Church in 1992, Marcus Grodi is now an author, speaker, founder and president of the Coming Home Network International, and the host of The Journey Home Program on EWTN.

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