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Lutheran Converts

Hear the stories of Catholic Converts from Lutheranism and learn what led them to return home to the Catholic Church.

“I was brought up pretty high church Lutheran: communion every Sunday, very liturgical, very sacramental… About halfway through college, I came back to the heritage of the Reformation, and fell in love with Luther, Calvin and Barth, who were all Protestant heroes, for obvious reasons.”

Dr. Leroy Huizenga

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Joe Copeck 4:45

During his early childhood, Joe Copeck’s family were plugged into their Polish Catholic heritage, but over time, they drifted away from it.  After his time in the Navy, Joe entered seminary to become a Lutheran minister, but was bothered by questions of authority and unity in regard to Lutheranism.  Eventually, it was the reading of Scripture that brought him back to the Catholic Church- especially understanding how Scripture was interpreted and taught by the Church Fathers in the early days of Christianity. Watch Joe’s episode.

Art Lohsen 56:09

Raised in a Lutheran family, Art Lohsen always felt that something important was happening in the liturgy, and his fascination with building and design led him to explore a career in architecture. His studies led him to Rome, and his work put him in contact with more and more Catholics, and along the way, he developed a sense of why Churches are meant to be designed a certain way, and what that says about Catholic worship. The more he contemplated this harmony of beauty and truth, the more he felt compelled to become Catholic himself. Watch Art’s episode.

Billy Kangas 56:10

Billy Kangas was raised in a strong Lutheran family, and even pursued a call to ministry.  He began to ask tough questions about the nature of authority in his own denomination, but couldn’t quite buy the idea of papal authority.  Eventually, he overcame those theological difficulties and followed the Holy Spirit’s leading into the Catholic Church.  He shares some of the opportunities he’s had since becoming Catholic to address community needs, share the Gospel, and do many of the other things he loved most about being a pastor. Watch Billy’s episode.


More Inspiration for the Journey

Explore the full archive of conversion stories from former Lutherans who have embraced the Catholic Church.

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There We Stood, Here We Stand

Nearly 500 years after Martin Luther nailed his 95-theses to the church door at Wittenberg, the Lutheran Church has split again and again. What went wrong? These intensely personal and thought-provoking testimonies by eleven former Lutherans, including a number of former pastors, address the differences between Lutheranism and Catholicism – differences so profound that they have led many into the Catholic Church.

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Roots of the Reformation

by Karl Adam

Most Protestants understand the Reformation from only one perspective. Brilliant author Karl Adam gives a historically sensitive and accurate analysis of the Reformation that stands as a valid and sometimes unsettling challenge to the presuppositions of Protestants and Catholics alike.