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Hear the stories of Baptists who, in their walk with Jesus Christ, were led to become Catholic.

“We were Baptist… (e)ach time we moved, we found a Baptist church to attend, and soon all three of our children were baptized in the Baptist church. We always held to our Christian faith, even when church attendance was hit or miss. Then one beautiful Sunday morning, our oldest daughter burst through the front door with an announcement that was to change our lives forever.”

– Melissa Slagle

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Deacon Larry Oney 56:03

Deacon Larry Oney grew up in a Baptist sharecropping family in Louisiana, experiencing the full range of poverty and racism that came with that life. In college, he met his future wife, a Catholic, who connected him with a deacon who spoke to the spiritual hunger in his heart. While on a Catholic retreat, he experienced a powerful desire for the Eucharist that would lead him first to full communion with Christ in the Church, and later, to a vocation to the diaconate. Watch Deacon Larry’s story.

Lauren DeWitt 56:03

Lauren De Witt’s father was a Baptist pastor, and growing up, her whole world revolved around the life of her church. However, as a young adult, she went through a number of personal challenges, including an unplanned pregnancy, and it led her to completely re-evaluate her understanding of faith. The various difficulties faced by Lauren and her family brought them to consider the possibility of Catholicism, as well as what becoming Catholic might mean for them. Watch Lauren’s story

Fr. Andrew Jones 56:07

Fr. Andrew Jones came from strong Baptist roots, including many pastors and missionaries on his dad’s side of the family. As a kid, he was fascinated by the Lord’s Supper, but always felt like there needed to be more to the celebration of it. A trip to Greece and Italy just before college got him fascinated with icons, and the more he studied and prayed, the more he felt drawn to the ancient beauty of the Catholic Church and Her sacramental life. Watch Fr. Andrew’s Story.


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Recommended Books & Other Resources

Crossing the Tiber

by Steve Ray

When a best friend, an Evangelical pastor, converted to Catholicism, Steve and his wife Janet decided to investigate the claims of the Catholic Church. This took them on a journey back in time that eventually changed their lives forever.

Evangelical Is Not Enough

by Thomas Howard

In this deeply moving narrative, the author describes his pilgrimage from Evangelical Protestantism to liturgical Christianity. He soon after became Roman Catholic. Catholics will see with fresh eyes the beauty of their tradition come to life under the enchanting wand of Howard’s beautiful prose.

Born Fundamentalist: Born Again Catholic

by David Currie

This book was written as an explanation to his fundamentalist and evangelical friends and family about why he became a Roman Catholic. An extremely lucid, systematic and thorough care for the Catholic faith.