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Hear the stories of Baptists who, in their walk with Jesus Christ, were led to become Catholic.

“I started a quest to learn what Christians were like during those ages when the people didn’t look much like Southern Baptists…. It was a big day when I found the writings of those we refer to as the early Church fathers.”

– Rod Bennett, Author of Four Witnesses & The Apostasy that Wasn’t

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Rob Corzine 5:02

“These weren’t the Catholics I’d grown up with. They loved Jesus more than I did.”

Melissa Slagle 7:32

The quest to understand the dilemma of which version of Christianity had the correct interpretation of Scripture led Melissa first to a thorough re-reading of the New Testament, and eventually to the claims of the Catholic Church, which had preserved the interpretation of Scripture from the time of the apostles.

Dr. Ian Murphy 2:13

In short video, a former Baptist minister shares how coming to believe in the idea of magisterial authority in the Catholic Church didn’t restrict him as a Christian. Instead, it gave him freedom in Christ.


More Inspiration for the Journey

Explore the full archive of stories of Baptists who have joined the Catholic Church.

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Recommended Books & Other Resources

Crossing the Tiber

by Steve Ray

When a best friend, an Evangelical pastor, converted to Catholicism, Steve and his wife Janet decided to investigate the claims of the Catholic Church. This took them on a journey back in time that eventually changed their lives forever.

Evangelical Is Not Enough

by Thomas Howard

In this deeply moving narrative, the author describes his pilgrimage from Evangelical Protestantism to liturgical Christianity. He soon after became Roman Catholic. Catholics will see with fresh eyes the beauty of their tradition come to life under the enchanting wand of Howard’s beautiful prose.

Born Fundamentalist: Born Again Catholic

by David Currie

This book was written as an explanation to his fundamentalist and evangelical friends and family about why he became a Roman Catholic. An extremely lucid, systematic and thorough care for the Catholic faith.