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What We’re Doing as a Network

The Coming Home Network is a network of Catholics and converts to the Catholic Church helping clergy and laity of other Christian traditions to discover the truth and beauty of Catholicism and to make the journey home. As a network, it is our goal to help each other and all Christians hear and answer the universal call “to the fullness of the Christian life and to the perfection of charity” (Lumen Gentium 40). In doing this, we hope to assist the Catholic Church in fulfilling her mission of evangelization and Christ’s call for Christian unity, as proclaimed by St. John Paul II in his encyclical, “That They May Be One” (Ut Unum Sint).

  • We are committed to growing and helping each other grow in our knowledge of the Catholic faith, in a life of prayer, and in our relationships with Jesus Christ.

  • We seek to share the faith (in word and action) with other Protestant/non-Catholic Christians especially in the context of our friendships/relationships.

  • We disciple and pray for those who are on the journey to Catholicism. We also help to connect them with CHNetwork so that they too have access to fellowship and resources for the ongoing journey.

  • As a community, we practice authentic ecumenism while praying and working toward for Christian Unity

So whether you are a convert, a revert, or somewhere along the road between merely curious about Catholicism and fully committed to entering the Church, here is a place where you can meet others who care about the same things and will understand where you’re coming from.

Community Rules & Guidelines

We’re all here to accomplish these same goals. Therefore, we need your help to keep this community strong and useful.

The purpose of the comment boxes on articles and videos, the Q&A Discussion section of this website, and the Online Community area provided by the Coming Home Network is to offer information and fellowship to those members who have become or are thinking of becoming Catholic and others who are exploring and asking questions about the Catholic Faith. All members should keep this purpose and the following guidelines in mind.

These guidelines were created to ensure that together we’re creating a place that is welcoming and valuable for everyone.

A few rules of the road:

Charity First. This is a Christian community, intended to be a “safe haven” from the hostility and inhumanity evident elsewhere on the internet. Members should behave respectfully and charitably toward everyone, including those individuals and institutions believed to be on the wrong path.

On Debate, Proselytizing and Disruptive Behavior. This community was established to provide inquirers with an explanation of the Catholic faith as well as fellowship on their ongoing journeys of faith. Charitable discussion of ideas will and should take place, but everyone must be allowed the freedom to make his or her own decisions regarding faith commitment. Adversarial debate and active promotion of other belief systems are therefore prohibited. Disagreements regarding forum policy or moderation must not be made into a “public issue” by posting about them in the open forum area.

Don’t Spam or Self-Promote. So that everyone can get the most out of the CHNetwork Online Community we have created a special group called “Share Your Stuff” where those of our members who create their own videos or podcasts or publish their own blogs can share those items. So please, we request that you not use the main online community page for this purpose. Articles or videos that the hosts find particularly useful to the larger group, will be shared from time to time.

Prohibited Language and Material. The following have no place on this forum: offensive language and sexually-oriented topics or speech; partisan political commentary; promotion of alleged private revelations or apparitions not officially approved by Catholic authorities; anti-Catholic material except for purposes of refutation; advertising or solicitation.

A Word about Dumpster Fires. We all know that our world is in trouble and has in a number of ways departed from Christian teaching. We don’t need to see news pieces posted only so that we can bemoan together the evils of secular society and congratulate ourselves that we are separate from it. If you post news items, let it be because there is a sincere question you would like the community to discuss. No dumpster fires, please.

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