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Pro Baseball and the Journey to the Catholic Faith –
Episode 27

April 27, 2023 No Comments

Dan Venezia grew up in New York City, and while his baseball skills caught the notice of the Minnesota Twins, spiritually he was in the wilderness. Wade Gaynor came from a strong Christian family in Kentucky, and when he was drafted by the Detroit Tigers, he took his strong Methodist faith to pro baseball with him, and met his wife, Neena, along the way.

Neena, Wade and Dan share the ways their experience of Minor League Baseball shaped their way of looking at the world, especially in regards to faith, and how the things they encountered ended up uniquely leading each of them to the Catholic Faith.

Dan’s written testimony: The Sacrifice that Brought Me Home

Neena’s written testimony: A Pick-up, a Pope Book, and a Profession of Faith

Neena’s children’s book: A Garden for Mary

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