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Do Converts Really Make the Best Catholics? – Episode 25

March 16, 2023 No Comments

Often, due to their zeal and the amount of research they do, converts to Catholicism are treated like experts on the Faith, who have somehow figured it out more even than people who’ve been Catholic their whole lives.

But is that really the case?

Matt Swaim talks to Casey and Erin Phillips and Lorelei Savaryn about their own experience of being active Evangelical Christians, the way that formed them to think about Christianity, and how it fueled their passion about being Catholic once they discovered the reality of the Church.

They also discuss the pitfalls that can be present to new converts, and how those who are new to the Church shouldn’t let the fact that they’ve learned a lot of information serve as a substitute for actually experiencing formation in their newfound faith.

Casey and Erin’s podcast

Lorelei’s website

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