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The CHNetwork Weekly Roundup #345

March 10, 2023 No Comments

Got a question about the Catholic Faith, or need assistance on your journey? Consider joining our Online Community, or feel free to contact us for support.  The Coming Home Network exists to help converts, reverts, those on the journey, and those who are just curious – we’d love to hear from you!


The latest from CHNetwork

This week’s episode of The Journey Home was a fascinating discussion with Fr. Michael Rennier about how beauty and the sacramental imagination brought him to the Church.

On Deep in Christ, JonMarc Grodi reflected on the proper relationship between fasting and feasting.

In an OTJ Short, Kenny Burchard offered physical proof that the Catholic Church believed he was a real Christian before he came into full communion.

This week’s episode of CHNetwork Presents featured a discussion with Jennifer Fitz and Rakhi McCormick about why Catholic parishes often don’t feel as welcoming as the Protestant congregations many of us come from.

On our latest Insights video, Melissa Slagle compared her reasons for going to church as a Baptist to her reasons for going to Mass as a Catholic.

And in a new written story, Joe Ward shared the winding path that led him from being on Protestant worship teams to eventually becoming Catholic.



A Polish priest shared his journey from atheism to Catholicism.

And the mother of Bl. Carlo Acutis has a new memoir sharing how her son’s witness led to her own conversion.


Karlo Broussard looked at Jesus encountering the Samaritan woman at the well as evidence that the way he founded His Church was not bound by cultural norms.

Msgr. Charles Pope reflected on the three conditions necessary for something to be considered a mortal sin.

And uCatholic explained why some people honor Pope St. Clement I by blowing up anvils.


A member wondering if becoming Catholic was a mistake, another member wrestling with understanding Church teaching on Mary, and all our members who are entering the home stretch of RCIA – these are just a few examples of the people we are praying for and working with at The Coming Home Network International. Please help us continue to support those on the journey by visiting today!


“Anger is a perversion of courage, as lust is a perversion of love.”

St. Gregory of Nyssa

Feast Day: March 9th

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