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The CHNetwork Weekly Roundup #337

January 13, 2023 No Comments

Got a question about the Catholic Faith, or need assistance on your journey? Consider joining our Online Community, or feel free to contact us for support.  The Coming Home Network exists to help converts, reverts, those on the journey, and those who are just curious – we’d love to hear from you!


The latest from CHNetwork

We began 15 Days of Prayer for Christian Unity, starting on January 11th and continuing through to January 25th. All the prayers and reflections can be found at

This week’s episode of The Journey Home was an awesome conversation with Fr. Sebastian Walshe about his journey from a mixed religious background to the Catholic Church and the priesthood.

In a new written story, Phillip Seeberg reflected on his journey from Bar Mitzvah to RCIA.

And on our latest Insights video, Celso Tavares shared some powerful insights about the struggles he faced as a Protestant pastor wondering if he should step away from his pulpit.



Black Catholic Messenger interviewed recent Catholic convert Kirk Whalum about his recent entry into the Church, and how he discovered that his cousin was Servant of God Thea Bowman.

Catholic World Report featured an interview about a recent book featuring stories of theologians who have become Catholic.

And Stephanie Brady wrote about her recent journey from Pentecostal to Catholic.


Sarah Zhang wondered why a medieval woman’s teeth might have had an element in them used prominently in illuminating manuscripts.

And Fr. Samuel Keyes reflected on the complicated reasons that the Catholic Church doesn’t automatically validate the ordinations of Anglican priests.


A former pastor seeking to use his gifts in the Catholic Church,  a convert whose friends have asked them some difficult questions about Catholicism, and all our members who are involved in RCIA in teaching or mentoring roles – these are just a few examples of the people we are praying for and working with at The Coming Home Network International. Please help us continue to support those on the journey by visiting today!


“We were raised because He was lowered; shame to Him was glory to us. He, being God, made flesh His residence, and we in return are lifted anew from the flesh to God.”

St. Hilary of Poitiers

Feast Day: January 13th

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