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Memorization and the Concept of Memory in Catholicism – CHNetwork Presents, Episode 21

December 1, 2022 No Comments

Why do Catholics pray memorized prayers? Can a person be sincerely praying if they’re praying a prayer from memory? How do Catholics understand what it means to celebrate the Mass “in remembrance” of Jesus? And how are Catholics able to memorize all those long prayers in the first place?

Matt Swaim talks to Mike Aquilina and Kevin Vost about the role that memory and memorization played in each of their returns to the Catholic Church after years away, and how memory has functioned throughout the history of Christianity, even and especially when most Christians were unable to read.

Dr. Kevin Vost’s book, Memorize the Faith 

Mike Aquilina’s book, How the Choir Converted the World

Dr. Vost’s website

Mike’s website

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