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Feeling Unworthy to Go Back to Mass – Episode 19

November 10, 2022 No Comments

Many people who grew up Catholic have just stopped going to Church over the years, and for whatever reason, think the things they’ve been involved with have made it so they’ll never be welcome to come back. They feel unwanted, by practicing Catholics or even by God, and don’t want to be just one more hypocrite in a room full of people who they feel will never accept them.

Carlos “C2six” Zamora and Fonzie “Separate M1nd” Pedroza of the Catholic hip hop collective FoundNation share their own experience of getting in trouble with gangs and drugs in their high school years, how that affected their relationship with Christ and the Church, and how they came over time to see God as a loving Father who is always calling His children back to relationship with Him.

Carlos on The Journey Home

Written interview with Carlos about his journey

Featured track: “Empty Pew” by FoundNation

More tracks:

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