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Praying With St. Monica For Our Loved Ones – Episode 15

October 6, 2022 No Comments

At The Coming Home Network, we’re often working with people from various backgrounds on their way into the Church. But most of our support comes from faithful Catholics who have loved ones that have left the faith, because they want to see them return to the sacraments.

Patti Armstrong and Roxane Salonen, authors of “What Would Monica Do,” share their own experience of praying for their loved ones to return to faith, as well as some of the most common mistakes that can be made out of zeal or desperation. They share how St. Monica, the mother of the once wayward St. Augustine, can serve as a model and intercessor in these conversations.

Patti and Roxane’s book, What Would St. Monica Do?

 Redeemed by Grace by Ramona Treviño with Roxane Salonen

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