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A Basic Guide to Eucharistic Adoration

Br. Rex Anthony Norris
September 22, 2022 No Comments

1.  Why should one go to Adoration?

A person ought to spend time with the One Who lived, died, rose from the dead, and lives again for love of that person. A lover and the beloved spend time in each other’s company for many reasons, all of which amount to one reason: love for each other. In this case, the Lover (Christ) is there to spend time with His beloved (you). Shouldn’t we want to spend time in His Company?

2. What do I do when I first arrive?

Proceed to a pew. Before entering the pew, make the sign of the cross while facing the Lord Jesus in the monstrance, kneel on both knees, and place your head on the floor for a brief moment in humility before the King of heaven and earth. Assume a normal position, enter the pew, and kneel again for a few moments. If a person is unable to kneel, a simple bow of the head, a profound bow from the waist, or a simple genuflection are all acceptable. First and foremost, Jesus is happy to have you there!

3. What do I do during my time there?

Sometimes I kneel during my entire time of Adoration. Sometimes I kneel for a period of time until I feel moved to sit. I may alternate kneeling and sitting as the Holy Spirit moves me. Some people sit silently without a particular agenda, offering prayers of adoration, intercession, confession, or thanksgiving as the Spirit moves. Some people read and reflect upon Sacred Scripture or a book of spiritual reflections by a favorite saint or other author. There are a number of written aids available to help one focus during Adoration. Some chapels have written materials available in the pews or near the entrance.

4. What do I do upon leaving?

When you are ready to leave, exit the pew and make the same gestures of genuflection as described above (in #2) before leaving the church or chapel.

5. Can I leave at any time?

It is traditional to stay for 60 minutes, called a “Holy Hour,” but it is not absolutely essential that you remain for one hour, unless you have made a commitment to do so beforehand as part of a team of Eucharistic Adorers.

6. Is there anything I shouldn’t do?

Do not speak or otherwise make noise, i.e. listen to music or talks via earbuds, etc. that could disturb other adorers or the silence of the chapel in general during Adoration.

7. Who can go to Adoration, and do I need to sign up ahead of time?

All are welcome to spend time in Adoration. Thanks be to God! You do not usually need to sign up in advance. However, many parishes that offer Eucharistic Adoration do so only at select times. It would be advisable to contact the parish to ask about the days/times/location of Adoration. Some parishes have Adoration on a more or less continuous basis. In that case there is usually a group of Eucharistic Adorers who sign up for particular time slots so that every hour is covered. With regard to Adoration protocols, there may be variations within each parish, but the protocols will be similar enough such that once a person becomes accustomed to Adoration in one place, she or he will be comfortable most any place.

Br. Rex Anthony Norris

Brother Rex Anthony Norris is a consecrated hermit in the diocese of Portland, Maine, who entered the Catholic Church in 2000 from the Anglican tradition. Having been affiliated with the Coming Home Network since 2011, his primary ministry is prayer for CHN members. He receives and responds to prayer requests submitted to CHN through various means and makes Holy Hours for CHN members. He also works as a member of the Pastoral Care team, corresponding with new members on the journey to the Catholic Church.

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