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Crossing the Tiber – A Poem

Giovanni Madriz
November 21, 2019 No Comments

Plunge into the river with no hesitation
And let the fresh water renew now your faith;
You know once you cross it She’ll be there smiling,
Your mother will embrace you and give you new strength.

For long you’ve been thinking of that which awaits you
Beyond the riviera where you’ve tried to stay;
You know that the ground is not firm below you,
And little by little it washes away.

On solid foundation the past two millennia
The Church has presided from over that hill;
Where the See of Peter, guided by the Spirit,
Proclaims the Evangelium that will set you free.

At Reconciliation the Most Holy Spirit
Will come right upon you and fulfill your heart;
At Holy Communion our Lord and Savior
Will give you the manna of Eternal Life.

The Most Blessed Mother, the Virgin Maria,
Will rejoice the moment that you swim across;
For we’re all her children and for your salvation
She once saw her son, Jesus, die up on the cross.

There’s only one Church that was by Jesus founded,
No church emulates her sacramental strength;
It is universal and welcomes her children
No matter how long they may have been away.

This poem originally appeared in the October 2019 CHNewsletter.

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