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Insights – The Beauty of Confession

March 1, 2018 One Comment

As she was in the process of entering the Catholic Church, Sr. Theotokos of the Servants of the Lord thought that going to Confession was just a “part of the package,” so she went along with it. But when she came out of her first Confession at Notre Dame in Paris, she felt a profound sense of God’s grace. As time went on, she came to better understand the vital role that Confession plays in spiritual growth, and even shared with us how her Confirmation sponsor encouraged her to get ice cream afterwards!

  • Jim Nowakowski Sr.

    My last confession was very fulfilling I felt the Grace pouring into my whole being! I have never felt the graces quite as strong as that! Our words really can not describe these spiritual experiences. I go often, with daily Mass and the Eucharist. I feel the Graces of our Lord working in me. My spiritual life is True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort. It’s a beautiful way to live. I’m into my 3rd year. I’m a lay person and I made private vows of chastity, obedience and poverty in spirit. I made my vows kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament with Fr. Steve at my side, three years ago.
    I have not ever had so much joy and peace in my life. People ask me sometimes what makes me so happy. I tell them that with the Holy Trinity and Mary in me how could I not!
    I could go on for hours about Jesus and Mary and I sometimes do if someone will listen.
    Anyway I’m sure that many know what I’m talking about. I just wanted to share. Thank you.