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Insights – The Duty of Worship

Shaun Reiley February 15, 2018 One Comment

Raised in an Evangelical Christian household, Shaun Reiley was used to worship services that had a strong emotional component. But as he got into his teens, and wasn’t able to feel the same things every Sunday, he wondered if there was something wrong with him, or if maybe there was something wrong with his idea of the purpose of worship. As he came to understand praise, adoration and honor for God as a matter of duty, and not as a mere matter of his own personal musical preference, he started to transition from a subjective view of worship as something that was meant to generate a spiritual feeling to a more objective understanding of liturgy as a way to honor God, that transcended his emotions and called him to something deeper.

  • rebecca coyer

    This!!!! I love this and needed to hear it! I’m female but I tend to try to keep my emotions in check in public, and this made me feel less than so many times during worship in evangelical services! I love the connection Shaun makes to “right and just, our duty and our salvation.” It’s not about how I feel, it’s about what I was created to do!