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Insights – Trusting Young Catholics with the Truth

Chris Reibold January 12, 2018 One Comment

Chris Reibold came back to his Catholic faith as an adult, but he left it as a teenager because he didn’t think it was intellectually sound. As a 16 year-old who was reading Nietzche and studying materialist philosophers, he wanted his teachers and catechists to respond to some of the questions he was wrestling with, but he found their answers inadequate or dismissive. Looking back, he realized he was matching a middle school understanding of the faith with an adult critique of it – a mismatch that wasn’t fair to the real and solid claims of the Church. Chris challenges Catholic parents, teachers and catechists to take the time to acknowledge the serious questions kids and teenagers have about faith, and answer them in a mature and thoughtful manner.

  • LucyInTheSky

    Wow, I totally agree. This is why most kids leave the church because the Catholics around them didn’t know how to explain what they believe? I firmly believe, we as adults should not only know but understand and be ready to answer children’s questions. I myself had read, watched and researched about my faith before finally realizing I am in the right and only true Church. We should not depend only on what our priest say at the parishes, we should do our part in understanding and studying. If something is not clear to us, find the correct answers. Go back to catechism. You know, once you know it, you cannot escape the beauty of it. If we pass this on to our children, they will never grow up confused and walk out of the Church, they would definitely stay.