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Insights – Trusting Young Catholics with the Truth

Chris Reibold January 12, 2018 2 Comments

Chris Reibold came back to his Catholic faith as an adult, but he left it as a teenager because he didn’t think it was intellectually sound. As a 16 year-old who was reading Nietzche and studying materialist philosophers, he wanted his teachers and catechists to respond to some of the questions he was wrestling with, but he found their answers inadequate or dismissive. Looking back, he realized he was matching a middle school understanding of the faith with an adult critique of it – a mismatch that wasn’t fair to the real and solid claims of the Church. Chris challenges Catholic parents, teachers and catechists to take the time to acknowledge the serious questions kids and teenagers have about faith, and answer them in a mature and thoughtful manner.

  • Walter Hill

    Most Catholics don’t understand their faith as a Catholic, the average lay person cannot express themselves well enough to explain the who, the what and the why of the Catholic religion. After many years of studying the bible and complete personal research into the ministry of the Christ I don’t know if I could clearly explain to children the why.

  • rei42728

    I don’t think most catholics understand their faith either. I was one of 4 kids in my family. I had one year of catholic school . Oldest had 8 yrs, , next 4 yrs and the third, 3 yrs. I was the only one who stayed with the church. I believe the nuns, religious as they were did not know how to teach the faith. They dwell too much on -or did- memorizing certain things and not on explaining them. I feel catholic high school is much more important when the young can understand the facts. And I believe still that too much is trying to understand the bible. When I learned that the host was truly God, it meant more than anything. Then I read ALL of Moses. something that protestants don’t. They stop at the commandments. God gave Moses the making of the altar and the slaying of the lamb after that. Then Jesus took the place of the lamb. Before that He told the apostles to “eat my body and drink my blood” in the form of bread and wine. This is all you need to know to believe in the catholic church.
    The Jews don’t think Jesus was God and was a hoax. Would a hoax stay around and be mutillated as Jesus was? No he would have left the area quickly. It just all make sense -what used to be common but isn’t anymore!

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