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Insights: Mary the Mother of God

October 6, 2017 4 Comments

As a Jewish girl turned on-fire Evangelical, the thought of using a term like “Mother of God” in reference to Mary seemed blasphemous to Mother Miriam, who was then known as Rosalind Moss.  However, pondering the words of Gabriel in Luke 1, she began to realize how similar they were to the language used to describe the Tabernacle in the Old Testament.

Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God is the foundress of the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope.

Read her full conversion story: From Jew to Evangelical to Catholic Nun

  • Diane Fuchs

    I love these teaching moments from Mother Miriam! I love how she can tie the Old and New Testaments together.

  • Jonine Blackshear

    This was really great! Thanks so much for sending this video to my inbox today! Just amazes me how I see Mary more and more in the Old Testament.

  • Harold M. Frost, Ph.D.

    Thank you, Mother Miriam, for your insightful video on Mary, the Mother of God. You acknowledged that we can come to Jesus through Mary. In that coming to him, a relationship with her is important. That relationship is a grace she is willing to confer on those who ask for it.

  • This is the absolute best communication of Mary’s Immaculate Conception I have ever come across. I have to admit I have always had trouble with that dogma, but I inched closer when I understood the meaning of “full of Grace.” Still I had doubts, until now! The understanding that Mary was a place for “the Holy of Holies.” Bless Mother Miriam!