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Insights: The Papacy

September 14, 2017 One Comment

For Tanner Whitham, who works in outreach for Franciscan University, one of the main obstacles that prevented him from becoming Catholic was the idea of the papacy. How could one man be in charge of the entire visible Church? In our latest Insights video, Tanner explains how he came to the understanding that the papacy isn’t really just about some old guy living in Rome; it’s about the promise given by Jesus that the Holy Spirit would protect and sustain the Church until the end of time.

  • Harold M. Frost, Ph.D.

    Thank you, Tanner, for sharing your views, as on the stability of the teaching of the Church — that is, of the Magisterium — over a 2000 year history of the Papacy. Christ is infinitely creative in bringing each individual lost sheep back to the Church, and can even use the same theme but the opposite POV on it to do that. In my case, what helped enormously initially in my own reversion process was a read of an early 1980’s version of the article in Encyclopedia Britannica on the history of the Papacy. While the fallen nature of man was all to evident in some of its biography, what struck me most was the fact that the Church was (is) still around and active amongst the people. What other ‘human’ institution could claim that? And, of course, it is Jesus Himself who is speaking to us from the cathedra of the Pope, our Holy Father. It is all about our Savior, who is with us always, even unto the end of time, even as He had promised us when He was still on Earth two millennia ago.