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“It was the Eucharist that brought me to the Catholic Church.” -Wesley Bancroft

August 10, 2017 2 Comments

Wes Bancroft’s dad went to a Reformed seminary, and kept a lot of books from graduate school around the house as Wes was growing up. One of those books happened to be about the Eucharist- and it got Wes thinking about why communion meant different things to different Christians. That quest led him to open his heart to the idea that the Catholic take on the Eucharist wasn’t just historical- it was Biblical, too.

  • ehop

    I enjoyed that Wes. Was your Dad at RTS in Jackson?

  • Renee Poudrier

    John 6: 48-61…. these passages could not be explained in any way other than literally. As a Protestant I could not walk away from these words, which began my journey towards Catholicism. It’s been many years, but this September I will become a part of the Roman Catholic Church. Praise God!