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Exciting Improvements Coming to This Week!

January 16, 2017 No Comments


Starting Thursday morning 1/19/2017 and going through 1/20/2017, the CHNetwork community and store will be temporarily unavailable as we prepare to launch a new community area of our website. 

We’re really excited about the changes, and we think you will be too! The updates to the community site will make it much easier to find topic threads on our forums and groups as well as join in on current conversations. The new community will be much more readable on mobile devices as well.  Some key benefits of the site upgrade:

• The navigation will be much clearer

• User profiles will be much easier to read and edit

• Overall site design will be more visually appealing

We hope these updates will encourage more people to join the community and draw even more members into all the important conversations that are going on throughout the CHNetwork forums and groups. We appreciate your membership in the network and we hope that these changes help you connect with others journeying into the Catholic Church as easy as possible!

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