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NEW CHNetwork Community Question: Did You Consider Catholics to be Christians?

September 19, 2016 4 Comments

Another week means another community question for members and readers of the Coming Home Network, and we have one that we hope sheds some light on how Christians of good will understand one another.  It goes as follows:

Before becoming Catholic yourself, did you consider Catholics to be true Christians?

Did you believe that Catholics were well-intentioned, but condemned by their own ignorance of the true Gospel?  Perhaps you thought that some Catholics were Christians, but the average Catholic-on-the-street wasn’t.  Maybe you didn’t consider Catholics to be Christians at all, or maybe you considered them to be Christian in a sense, but misled on several key points- we’d love to hear your feedback!  Please share in the comments below, and visit our Community Forum to find threads related to previous CHNetwork Community Questions.

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