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New CHN Community Question: What Saints Were Important In Your Journey Toward Catholicism?

July 25, 2016 3 Comments

ayios-georgios-1486285_960_720Some of our questions in the past have allowed for a couple, or even a few interpretations; this week’s however, is open to an innumerable variety  of responses.  It has to do with the Church’s treasury of saints, and how we are invited to have relationships with them and ask for their intercession.  It goes as follows:

As you began to understand the Catholic teaching on the communion of saints, was there a particular holy man or woman that became especially important to you?

Was there a New Testament figure that you already loved who you began to appreciate anew?  Was there someone from the history of the Church whose story you found to be remarkably similar to your own?  Was there a person who was alive during your lifetime that has been raised to the altars that you’ve felt a special connection with?

As always, please share in the comments below, and invite your social networks to do the same!

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