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CHN Community Responds

CHN Community Responds: What’s The Deal With Monks and Nuns?

July 15, 2016 No Comments

india-1061686__340For our latest CHN Community Question, we asked about your impressions of vowed religious prior to “getting” their purpose in the Catholic Church.  Here are a few of your responses to the question, “What did you think about monks and nuns?”


“I had a rather positive impression of monks and nuns.  Especially nuns, since monks are more rare.  I find it odd, but although the American public tends to be anti-Catholic, everyone seems to like nuns in habits.  Maybe it is the result of movies like Bells of St. Mary’s or Lilies of the Field.”

Dr John Bergsma, author of “New Testament Basics for Catholics


“When I was a teenager, my mother gave me a book called, ‘I Jumped Over the Convent Wall’ – a horror story about a nun who was being held captive inside a convent along with a harrowing escape that left her emotionally troubled for years. I didn’t know any better so I believed every word of it…thank God I finally learned differently as a Catholic. I now hold nuns and monks with gratitude for their love and sacrifice. I have often visited the retreat house at Mt Angel Monastery in Oregon; the peace and awe of it never ceases to lift my spirits.”

Mary K., via Facebook


“My protestant church (PCUSA) never held the Catholic Church in contempt, so I grew up with a relatively friendly view of Catholics. I always held Catholic religious in very high esteem, and seeing them was always a curiosity because they’re rare in America. See someone in a habit always turned my head.”

Emily H., CHN Community Forums


“Monty Python and Sound of Music.”

Mark Shea, author of “Mary, Mother of the Son


Hope you enjoyed this week’s feedback- share your own thoughts in the comments, and check out more questions and responses in our CHN Community Forums!

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