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Scott and Kimberly Hahn Offer the Foreword for “Journeys Home”

Scott and Kimberly Hahn December 2, 2015 No Comments

Each one of us is on pilgrimage — a journey of faith that leads us closer to the God we love day by day. Some of us received the faith on our father’s knee; others converted to Christianity in the teen years or later. And many of us who began a relationship with Christ outside the Catholic Church could not imagine the riches within the Church that Christ wanted to give us.

We believe that we have not rejected the faith given to us in our youth, but rather embraced the fullness that Christ died to give us within the Catholic Church. Now we recognize the mystery where we previously did not know a mystery existed, such as the Eucharist and the other sacraments. Increasingly we appreciate the unity expressed in liturgy, doctrine, and morals through the authority of the Church, when previously we had only hoped for basic agreement among our fellow Christians. Daily we harness heaven through the communion of saints, when earlier we pictured ourselves much more alone on our journey.

We know from firsthand experience that people in fulltime Christian service who examine the claims of the Catholic Church have additional concerns and questions beyond those of other seekers. We have walked this rocky road, feeling alone in the midst of never-before-asked theological questions, unthinkable professional consequences, and emotional barriers that alternately separate us from our Protestant past, our possibly Catholic future, and perhaps even each other as a married couple. Consequently, we want to accompany others along this difficult path.

You are about to read excerpts from the spiritual journeys of people whose lives have been transformed through the grace of God in the Catholic Church. The circumstances in which each person discovered the Church — and the doctrines or moral teachings of the Church with which each person wrestled — are as individual as they are. Yet this they have in common: By the mercy of God, they have followed Christ into the Catholic Church, no matter what the cost. Their accounts are invitations to join them mid-journey. Look over their shoulders, as it were, to take stock of their various backgrounds and training in Christian faith, to understand their newfound joy in the Catholic Church, and to be filled with awe at the feet of our Lord for His marvelous work on behalf of each one of us.

God bless you.
Scott and Kimberly Hahn, former Presbyterian minister and wife

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