Natural Family Planning


God Buried His Seed in My Heart

April 7, 2014

Throughout my life, almost every time I have had a quick, guttural, “absolutely not” reaction or attitude toward something, God has turned it around on me and made me change my mind. I think because deep down I feel drawn to certain things, but I want to defy myself (my conscience) or God out of pride. For example, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but I’ll tell you one thing: I will never become a teacher” (yes, I ended up getting an Education degree and teaching). ... more
John F Scott

Dr. John F. Scott, MD: A Presbyterian Minister Who Became a Catholic

October 25, 2004

John was a medical doctor working in hospice care. While working in hospice, he felt the call to ministry and was ordained a Presbyterian minister. Since he was already a doctor, he was allowed to continue his ministry in medicine without being assigned a parish. John married an Anglican woman, who had been baptized Catholic. Together they learned Natural Family Planning despite the Presbyterian Church’s open opposition. Later they opted not to use NFP, wanting to be completely open to life and God’s blessings. Since they were homeschooling, ... more

Lisa Weible Militello: Former Southern Baptist

November 25, 2002

Lisa was raised Southern Baptist, even though her father was a Lutheran. In her college days she became a lukewarm Christian, more and more explaining away her sins. This way of life culminated in a failed marriage and an abortion. Her father’s conversions to the Catholic faith, after a pilgrimage to Europe, began her journey back to Christ and his Holy Catholic Church. ... more

Open-Line With Kimberly Hahn: Wife of a Former Presbyterian Pastor

June 3, 2002

Marcus and Kimberly answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more
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Paul Swope: Former New Age

December 11, 2000

Paul was not brought up in any church. When he was 14 he became deeply involved in Transcendental Meditation. After college he decided to hitchhike around the world. While in Switzerland, he discovered the L’Abri community, of Francis Schaeffer, which began to open his heat God. After returning home, he discovered C. S. Lewis and G. K. Chesterton and gave his life to Jesus Christ. He sensed that God was calling him to the pro-life cause. Through this he was introduced to the Catholic faith. Paul is Northeast Project Director ... more