Forgiveness on the Path to Faith

May 16, 2016

I was raised in a Christian home, the youngest of four children. My dad was, and still is, a minister of a Bible church. He and my mother, both raised Baptist, are very fundamentalist evangelicals. My grandfathers on both sides were raised Catholic but later left the faith. ... more

Confessions of an Ex-Feminist

July 9, 2012

I was in the newsstand of a Miami bus terminal, my saddle oxfords a bit scuffed and my uniform crumpled after a steamy day of classes, when I spotted something that utterly horrified me. It was not an X-rated magazine, but something much worse: a book called Why I Am Not a Christian by Bertrand Russell. ... more
Scott Hahn JH

St. Paul’s Life in Jesus Christ, Philippians 2: 5-11

December 17, 2008

Marcus welcomes long-time friend Dr. Scott Hahn. Marcus and Scott went to Protestant seminary together, and Marcus was surprised to find out that the once anti-Catholic Scott, had become Catholic! This realization spurred Marcus along on his own journey to the Catholic Church. ... more

Amy Young: Former Secularist Who Sought Healing From Abortion

February 25, 2008

Amy was raised Catholic and attended Catholic primary school. She fell victim to the World in college to the point of aborting her child. After many years of suffering, God granted her the grace to reconcile with Him, herself and her unborn child. She discusses her journey back to the Catholic Church and how she hadn’t even realized that she had left it. ... more

John Pridmore: A Gangster Who Became Catholic

July 9, 2007

John was baptized but never catechized in the faith as a child. Later in life he turned to the power and wealth of the underworld for satisfaction in life. His discusses with Marcus how God spoke to him in his life and brought about his surrender to the Holy Spirit and Christ’s Church. ... more
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Shawn Reeves: Former Non-denominational Evangelical

June 5, 2006

Marcus and Shawn answer open-line questions from the audience. ... more

Martin Barrack: A Jewish Catholic Christian

October 28, 2002

Marty was reared a Jew in a very Jewish neighborhood in the Bronx. As a young boy his best friend was the only Catholic on the block. As a radio operator he befriended a Franciscan brother. He also married a Catholic. However, it took 20 years for him to be baptized and enter the Church. The Shroud of Turin was a deciding factor in leading him to consider the truth about the Resurrection of Jesus. For more information, check out his website: ... more

Daniel Ali: Muslim Convert to Catholic Christianity

April 29, 2002

Daniel is Kurdish for northern Iraq. Raised Muslim, he completed college in the United States. He married an American Protestant. From his youth he had always been seeking Truth. After a long journey he accepted Jesus Christ. Eventually both Daniel and his wife Sara entered the Catholic Church in 1998. ... more

Jerry & Yolanda Cleffi: Former Assemblies of God Ministers

September 24, 2001

Jerry was baptized Greek Orthodox as a child. He mother was Orthodox and his father Catholic but he did not grow up attending church. Yolanda was reared Catholic but left the Church and became active in the Assembly of God, where she met Jerry, who had returned to the Lord in that congregation. They were marred and both felt called to ministry. They were both ordained as Assembly of God ministers, where they served 22 years, planting new churches. While building a new church building, Yolanda became burnt out and went ... more

Carolyn Kollegger: Former Secularist

March 26, 2001

Carolyn was baptized as a Catholic and went to Catholic grade school but was not raised in the faith at home. At a very young age she started modeling and acting. After winning the Miss Ohio pageant she went to New York and to begin her acting career. In the midst of success she felt empty and lost. After moving in with her boyfriend, Erwin, she became pregnant and aborted the baby. After two more abortions, he then got a vasectomy and then everything really went downhill. On a friend’ ... more
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Colin Donovan: Life-long Catholic

November 6, 2000

Marcus and Colin answer open line questions. ... more
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Steve Trombecky: Jewish Convert

March 26, 1999

Steve was born in Brooklyn and raised Jewish. In his late teens he moved to Israel and lived in a kibbutz. He would pray to God begging him to reveal himself to him. After six years he return home disappointed. After dabbling in eastern religions he gave up hope in anything. After reconciling with his own father he was led by God to seek out a Catholic Church and be baptized. When he was baptized the peace and love he’d always been seeking filled him. ... more