Daniel Vinzant: Former Southern Baptist Minister – The Journey Home Program

September 25, 1998 | no responses

Daniel can’t remember when he didn’t love Jesus. So much, that he was baptized as a Southern Baptist at the age of five. He had read the Bible through twice by the age of nine. At 17, he began preaching the Gospel. For many years he was an active Baptist pastor. His discovery of St. […]

Rick Ricciardi: Former Assemblies of God Minister & Revert – The Journey Home Program

August 28, 1998 | no responses

Rick was raised Catholic but left, believing that he had had escaped, he believed, from a Church that taught works for salvation. He was “saved” in a Southern Baptist congregation. Three months later he preached his first sermon. Later he would serve in the Assemblies of God. He journey Home began at the wedding Mass […]

Tim Staples: Former Assemblies of God Youth Minister – The Journey Home Program

August 14, 1998 | no responses

Tim was raised a Southern Baptist. Although he fell away from the faith of his childhood, he came back to faith in Christ during his late teen years through the witness of Christian televangelists. While in the Marine Corps, he became involved in ministry with various Assemblies of God communities. During his final year in […]

Bruce Sullivan: Former Church of Christ Minister – The Journey Home Program

July 24, 1998 | no responses

Marcus and Bruce talk about the myths that separate people from the Catholic Church. Bruce was brought up as a Southern Baptist. Attending church three times a week was standard fare in his home. During his college years he was led to small denomination known as the Church of Christ. This group introduce him to some […]

Ken Hensley: Former American Baptist Minister – The Journey Home Program

March 27, 1998 | no responses

Ken was not brought up in a Christian home. Through the witness of a friend he gave his life to Christ. After bible college & seminary he was ordained a Baptist minister. After ministering for ten years, through his friendship with Scott Hahn, he was led to the fullness of the Faith in the Catholic […]

David Currie: Former Bible Church Missionary – The Journey Home Program

December 5, 1997 | no responses

David was reared in a staunchly Fundamentalist home. He remembers being upset the day President Kennedy was assassinated because he believed that since he was Catholic he would go to hell. While attending an Evangelical seminary David began to compile a list of Bible passages that did not fit into any Protestant theology. The Catholic Church […]

David Palm: Former Baptist – The Journey Home Program

November 21, 1997 | no responses

David was brought up in a faithful Evangelical Protestant home. During his studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School he began a journey that, unknown to him, would lead him to the Catholic Church. With all of the contradictory teachings, how can a person know the Truth, from the Bible alone. A chance purchase of “Catholicism […]

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