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The Courage to Convert

“For the next handful of years, church and religion went by the wayside. I began teaching, giving no thought to God and His teachings. Around 2009, I reconnected with an old boyfriend, Kenny. We married in 2011, and by 2012, I was pregnant with our daughter. Being thankful for bringing a new life into the world, I finally began to wonder about a higher power. Surely God had something to do with that. I thought back to my mom’s anger towards Catholicism. I contacted a Catholic friend of mine and asked her why there was so much animosity towards Catholics. There are billions of Catholics; surely they can’t be all that bad?”

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If Someone Had Told Me That I Would Become Catholic (I Would Have Told Them They Were Crazy)

Marc Ayers |
Calvinist, Conversion Stories, Presbyterian & Reformed | One Comment

“The more we studied, the more the beauty, majesty, weight and history of the whole of the Christian world seemed to open up to us. We had not really left our core beliefs behind at all – indeed we love and greatly appreciate what we had been given in our Presbyterian communities – we had only fleshed them out in a real sense.”

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