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A Scholarship Fund for
Protestant Pastors and Spouses


For nearly three decades, CHNetwork has been assisting Protestant clergy who feel called by God to make the difficult but exciting journey into the Catholic Church.

We have found that of all our pastoral care efforts and our in-person events have a unique power to give these men and women a sense of fellowship, encouragement, and often resolve when it comes to discerning God's will for their lives moving forward.

They Need Help

However, these same people are often in precarious financial situations, because their interest in the Church will almost certainly mean the loss of their current jobs. We know how crucial these retreats can be for them, but we also know how many simply cannot participate because they cannot afford to in their current circumstances.

You Can Help

The Shepherds' Fund is designed to remove that financial obstacle for these members, and give them the opportunity to gather with fellow Protestant ministers like themselves, on the same journey, without stressing over the money involved to travel to and participate in a retreat.