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Dear Friends – I recently asked three of my colleagues at the Coming Home Network to sit down with me to record a special video presentation just for you — our most generous partners. In addition to hearing from me personally, you’ll meet, and get a vision update from Matt Swaim (Former Methodist / CHNetwork’s Director of Outreach), Ken Hensley (Former Baptist Minister / CHNetwork’s Director of Pastoral Care), and Kenny Burchard (Former Pentecostal Minister / CHNetwork’s Director of Development).

You deserve to hear from us about what we are doing with the resources you entrust to us. As we turn the corner into the next 30 years of ministry, I want to invite you to connect with us more deeply, pray for us more fervently, and continue to partner with us generously in our shared mission:

To share the truth and beauty of the Catholic Church with Protestant  Ministers and laypeople to help them make the journey home.

Sincerely in Christ,
JonMarc Grodi

If you would like to talk with us about anything in this video, please email or call Kenny Burchard, Director of Development:
email [email protected]
telephone: 740.450.1175 ext. 105