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Considering Becoming Catholic?

We are a network of Christians who, in our walk with Jesus, found ourselves drawn home to the Catholic Church. We are not here to push, pull, or prod anyone in their discernment, but simply to share our stories and reasons. Whether you are actively in the process of becoming Catholic or are just starting to explore the Church, we welcome you to the Coming Home Network.

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“I in them and thou in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that thou hast sent me and have loved them even as thou hast loved me” – John 17:23

Get Fellowship and Resources for Your Journey

Download Journeys Home, an ebook compilation of 30+ conversion stories from both clergy and lay members of the CHNetwork.

For over 20 years, this flagship publication has been our way of staying connected, supporting each other in prayer and study, and sharing our stories — the stories of what Christ has done in our lives — with the whole world. Each monthly CHNewsletter features a new conversion story, articles, and most importantly a list of prayer requests and grateful anecdotes from around the network.

Here you can instantly begin connecting with other converts and people on the journey to the Catholic Church. You can share stories, experiences, and knowledge as well as give and receive advice from people who came from a similar religious background a can relate to what you’ve gone through becoming Catholic.

We’ve found that our CHNetwork retreats are some of the very best opportunities that exist for those on the journey to experience the fellowship of being with a small group of others who have walked a similar path into the Catholic Church and know intimately the struggles involved in conversion. It’s a great time to share stories, to pray and worship together, while also learning more about our Faith.

Nothing can be more exciting for a convert than to visit the great sites associated with our Catholic Faith. A “Deep in History” CHNetwork pilgrimage is all about experiencing the beauty of the Catholic Church while building lifelong friendships with others who have made similar journeys. Experience up close the history of the Catholic Church.

We’d love to hear your story, answer your questions, and keep you in prayer as you journey on. We can also connect you with other members of the CHNetwork who come from a similar background and help you find whatever resources you need to continue following Christ wherever He leads.