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Helping Them Home


Are you a convert to Catholicism who has a heart for assisting others make the journey home?

Our extensive network of convert and lifelong Catholic volunteers from around the world assist us in reaching out to other Christians who are thinking of becoming Catholic and inviting them into fellowship and dialogue. We create opportunities for inquirers (or new converts still finding their feet) to connect with helpers who have come from a similar denominational tradition or faced some of the same difficulties.

Online Community Outreach

Through our forums we as a community try to answer the questions posed by people on the journey and share, from experience, advice and encouragement in the difficulties they may be facing. Through our denominational and other community groups, members can find closer fellowship with others of a similar theological background or vocational status.

All members are encouraged to participate in our online community, but for those who are interested in taking a more active role in outreach through our online discussion forums or community groups, we invite you to register/log in and join our Helper’s Network Online community group.

Helper’s Network Online Group

Personal Networking

Select members of the Helper’s Network, at the discretion of our staff, are occasionally invited to offer personal contact and fellowship to those inquirers in need. Members may express their interest and/or direct any questions to Jim Anderson and Mary Clare Piecynski and are encouraged to get involved in the Helper’s Network Online group.