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Roots of the Reformation eBook

Download the “Roots of the Reformation” eBook The “Roots of the Reformation” eBook is provided as a free download to members of the CHNetwork who are new converts to Catholicism

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Assistance For RCIA & Beyond Join the CHNetwork, an international network of Christians who have become Catholic or on the journey to Catholicism. Get resources and encouragement for the RCIA journey

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Join Our Online Community! We welcome all Christians who are sincerely interested in learning more about Catholicism and deepening their relationships with Jesus to join the Coming Home Network community.

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Members Logged Out

Join the Network! Community groups provide opportunities for closer fellowship amongst converts and those who are either asking questions or are on the journey towards the Catholic Church. If you

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Forum Logged Out

Join the Network! Welcome! Thank you for browsing our community discussion forum. We would love to have you part of the conversation.

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Free What Must I Do to Be Saved? eBook Are you a non-Catholic Christian thinking about becoming Catholic or just learning more about the Catholic Church? We’d like to give you

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The CHNewsletter Our monthly CHNewsletter contains conversion stories, articles by the CHNetwork staff, news and updates from around the network, a compilation of prayer requests from other members, featured resources,

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Let’s Go Deeper We invite you to join a network of men and women striving to embrace Christ in His fullness. As you look for answers, we want to support you in fellowship and prayer. Our online forums

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Journey Home Ebook

Download the “Journeys Home” eBook The “Journeys Home” eBook is provided as a free download to all members of the CHNetwork. You’ll also get NEW conversion stories in the mail

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