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Evangelical Christians

Hear the stories of Evangelical and Non-Denominational Christians who, in their walk with Jesus Christ, were led to become Catholic.

“I was preparing a message on unity. As I studied, I couldn’t help but question why there were so many Christian denominations in the world… As I studied, I started reading more about the Protestant Reformation and began understanding more as to why this happened. But then I asked why has it not stopped happening: why do we continue to add new churches all the time and could this really be what God wanted?”

– Doug Doughan

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Kathryn Whitaker 56:04

Kathryn Whitaker was baptized in a Methodist church as an infant in Texas, but after her pastor left, her family skipped around churches looking for a fit, including time spent with the Nazarenes and Disciples of Christ. Visiting Baptist churches in college, Kathryn heard her first real anti-Catholicism from the pulpit; it shocked her and made her want to learn more about Catholicism, and what she discovered surprised her. Watch Kathryn’s episode.

Dr. Jason Reed 9:58

Dr. Jason Reed’s desire to follow Christ led him to pursue academic study in theology and philosophy. He went on teach those disciplines at an Evangelical seminary, in hopes of helping to form pastors to help them share their Christian faith. Over time, he became increasingly frustrated at the lack of agreement among Protestant Christians on major theological issues. That led him to ask: what is the historic expression of the Christian faith, and how did it become so splintered? Watch Jason’s video.

Katie Jacobson 55:30

Katie Jacobson grew up with experience in Baptist and Lutheran churches, and when she met people from even more denominations in Bible college, it really made her wonder about the divisions she seemed to see everywhere in Christianity. A visit to Theology on Tap opened up a million questions about Catholicism for her, and started her on a journey to undo years of myths and misunderstandings about the Church. Watch Katie’s episode.


More Inspiration for the Journey

Explore the full archive of stories of evangelical Christians who joined the Catholic Church.

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Recommended Books & Other Resources

Journeys Home

edited by Marcus Grodi

In this book, 30 converts to the Catholic faith tell their stories. These journeys provide tremendous insight, encouragement, and inspiration for those who are thinking about making the same journey and for Catholics born in the faith as well.

Mind, Heart, and Soul: Intellectuals and the Path to Rome

by Robert P. George and R. J. Snell

In a series of fascinating interviews, a cradle Catholic (Robert P. George) and an adult convert (R. J. Snell), offer the stories of sixteen converts, each a public intellectual or leading voice in their respective fields, and each making a significant contribution to the life of the Church. While some of the converts are well-known, their stories are not. Here they speak for themselves, providing the reasons that prompted these accomplished men and women to embrace the ancient faith.

Return To Rome

by Francis J. Beckwith

In May 2007, Beckwith, the president of the Evangelical Theology Society (ETS), stepped down as president of the society and resigned his membership. Eight days earlier, he had been publicly received back into the Catholic Church of his childhood. Here is his story.